Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin share a sit-down with professional runner Neely Gracey, who’s also a running coach and mother of a 5-month-old baby. Neely, the top American woman in her debut marathon (Boston 2016), talks about playing the long game, laying out her five-year plan that includes the next two Olympic Marathon Trials.

With refreshing candor, Neely details her fitness endeavors while pregnant, providing value lessons for any sidelined runner. Dismissing the notion of “balance,” Neely shares her fresh mental approach to the juggling act of parenting, running, work, and other life elements. Smile as she talks about how grateful she is for her neighborhood mom friends. Find out why this mother runner bailed on a recent core workout.

Coach Neely speaks personally and professionally about the value of slow consistency, allowing you to see progress with every run. She also imparts solid wisdom about marathon training.

In the intro, SBS shares some sad news about her family’s cat, Miller. Neely joins the show at 11:53 (and Amanda has to duck out of the convo about halfway through).

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