The new Weber Genesis E-410 grill, as well as other grills in the 400 series, are getting a lot of attention from backyard chefs. The Weber Genesis II grills debuted in November 2016. Weber is touting the GS4 Grilling System, a central feature within the new updated Genesis Collection.

Weber Genesis E-410 & The GS4 Grilling System

Weber Genesis E-410 GS4 Cooking SystemWeber Genesis E-410 features the new GS4 Grilling System. The GS4 is a key component in the Series II upgrade (from the original Genesis series).  The system consists of four main components:

  • Electronic ignition.  Weber calls it the Infinity Ignition and guarantees it to light the burners each time with one quick push of a button. All you have to do is spin the individual burner knobs to the start setting and push the button.
  • Powerful high-performance burners.  The brand-new design makes gas movement more constant, so heat is distributed evenly over the whole} cooking surface.
  • Flavorizer bars. The Flavorizer bars are not new but have been a primary feature on Weber gas grills for a long time.  The Flavorizer bars are angled so that juices drip on them and are immediately vaporized, adding a smoky flavor to your food.
  • Grease Management System.    Which is disposable.  It really is a straightforward matter to remove the catch pan and replace the used disposable drip tray for a fresh one.

In addition, Weber makes entry into digital grilling with the optional iGrill system.  The iGrill system is designed to allow the cook to monitor internal meat temperatures on a Bluetooth device using the iGrill system’s Bluetooth thermometer.

The iGrill

Grilling gets modern with digital temperature on your bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. The iGrill system lets you enjoy your company, or do whatever you need to do away from the grill while still closely monitoring your food’s temperature

The system is optional, meaning that you need to buy the iGrill separately. Once you have the iGrill,  you can use up to 4 probes for watching temperature.  In other words, you can monitor up to four different items cooking on the grill (even if they need different internal temps. In addition, it lets you know how much propane you have in your tank.

Base Model: Weber Genesis E-410

Weber Genesis E-410 CrimsonThe Weber Genesis E 410 is the base model for the 400 series. The Genesis E-410 features four stainless steel burners and porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars. The cooking| grates are cast iron and porcelain-enameled.

The cooking surface is 646 sq. inches and the warming rack provides an additional 198 sq. inches.

The Weber Genesis E-410 is simple to move with 2 swivel wheels. As with all Genesis II models, it is iGrill ready.  The 410 has an open cart design, without the lower cabinets that the previous Genesis grill had.

What sets the 400 series apart is the choice of colors.  You can choose from black, copper, crimson, smoke and porcelain-enameled steel. You can opt for liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG) versions.

Our Weber Genesis II E-410 Assembly

Weber Genesis II E-410 New in Box

The New Grill Just Arrived

We ordered our grill from  It arrived earlier than expected and in great shape. The delivery men brought it inside for me and placed it where I asked.
Weber Genesis E-410 grill box and lid still wrapped

Removed the Grill Top From Box

We pulled out the grill box and lid first.  This is a two-person job for sure.  This part is large and heavy.
Unwrapping Parts and Laying Them Out

Unwrapping Parts and Laying Them Out

The first step is to pull all parts out of the box and lay them out neatly.
Weber Genesis E-410 base assembly

The Base is Assembled

The base was pretty simple to put together. Everything fit perfectly together.
Weber Genesis Grill Box and Lid Set on Base

Grill is Installed on Base

It’s starting to look like a grill!!  We’re excited.
Side tables and propane tank skirt are installed.

Side Tables and Skirt Installed

Side tables and propane tank skirt are installed.
Installing the face plate and grill knobs

Getting Ready to Put On The Knobs

Putting on the knobs.  This looks like a lot to do, but the wiring is all complete. We install the face plate and knobs to conceal wiring.
Installing the flavorizer bars and grease management system.

Flavorizer Bars and Grease Management System

Installing the flavorizer bars and grease management system.
Weber Genesis II E-410 Cooking grates and warmer rack

Cooking Grates and Warmer Rack Installed

Cooking grates and warmer rack.  We love the fold-down warmer rack (show in its not folded position).
Finished! My wife says I can't keep the grill in the house.

Finished Grill in the Living Room

Finished!  My wife says I can’t keep the grill in the house.

Weber Genesis E-410 temperature gauge

Grill Outside and First Start

We wheeled it outside and fired it up.  Started on the first push of the button.

Real Weber Genesis II E-410 User Reviews

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Four Point Five

4.3 out of 5 Stars
121 Reviewers
as of 5/17/2018
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Four Point Five

4.7 out of 5 Stars
680 Reviewers
as of 5/17/2018
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4.5 out of 5 Stars
325 Reviewers
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Raves and Rants from users of the Weber Genesis E-410

With popular products such as Weber Grills, one can find many online reviews.  We’ve read a bunch, and below are items that were trending from users of this grill.


  • Quick assembly, about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for most users. Editor’s note:  My wife and I put ours together one evening in our living room.  It took about 15 minutes to unpack and unwrap all the parts, and about 45 minutes to completely assemble the grill.  All parts fit together nicely.
  • Great cooking quality.
  • Well thought out construction.
  • The propane gauge is a nice touch. It is based on tank weight, so there’s nothing that should stop working as time goes on.
  • It looks and feels great.
  • The burners allow flame from front to back – no uneven spots.
  • Wheels are durable and the grill is easy to roll.
  • It is built like a tank.
  • Overall high quality and very durable.
  • It looks great. If a grill can be sexy, this one would do it.
  • Cooks perfectly even and has plenty of room for whatever you a grilling. Has a very nice push button propane starter. Fires off first click on all 4 burners


  • The grease system is exposed.  Some reviewers thought this is unsightly, and may be easy for animals to get at. Also, there were concerns that the wind would make a mess of the grease.  If I have one complaint about the grill, this would be it.  When the grill is covered, there’s no problem.  However, when I uncover the grill and fire it up my dog notices – he loves to go for the grease tray which is easy to reach for him.
  • Some say the grill doesn’t get hot enough.  Reviewers say they were able to get the grill to 550 degrees at the highest.  They say this isn’t hot enough for a good sear. Editors note:  The highest I ever got mine was about 550 degrees as well, but I wasn’t trying to go higher. That seemed to be where it naturally topped out.  I have noticed this in general on larger gas grills (not just this Weber model). However, the Genesis 440 models seem to address this with the High + heat setting feature.
  • Most of the 1-star &  2-star reviews were about the delivery process and outsourced assembly process, and not so much about the grill itself.  People expected to have the delivered grill fully assembled, or there was some sort of damage during delivery.

LX E-440 and LX S-440 Differences

Weber Genesis II LX E-440The Genesis E-400 series comes in three separate models.  There is the E-410 of course, but then there is also the LX-440 and the LX S-440.

  • A helpful addition to these deluxe models is the High+ setting which enables the cook add a burst of heat at the touch of the dial.  This gives a nice sear.
  • The 440 models also feature a side burner.  The convenient side burner is ideal for heating sauces or beans as the food cooks under the lid.
  • The LX 440 models include a grill cabinet, hiding the grease system.
  • For night cooking, the integrated light lets you see the real color of what you’re cooking. The 440 has a light on the handle. The light will go off automatically when you close the lid. The control knobs are also lighted.
  • The 440 models feature stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars.
  • The difference between the LX E and LX S models is that the LX S features a stainless steel finish.
  • Great features for sure, but the MSRP is $650 higher for the LX E model and $800 higher for LX S model.


The Genesis Warranties

Overall, they are extremely generous. See your included documents or go online for details, but this is a quick overview:

  • Cookbox and lid section: 10 years for no rust or burn through. 2 years on the paint, though that doesn’t cover discoloration and fading.
  • Ignition system: 10 years, except the battery
  • Stainless steel Flavorizer bars, grease management system, burners and cooking grates: 10 years
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates and Flavorizer bars: 5 years

Weber Genesis II Drip Pans

The Weber Genesis II E-410 requires Weber 6417 drip pans. This also applies to the 440 models.

Weber Genesis E-410 Current Prices:

This grill is pretty well price controlled by Weber. Meaning Weber sets a very strict Minimum Advertised Price and retailers abide by that.  As a result, you will see very little difference in prices for Weber grills between various retailers.

Your best bet is to ensure you get free shipping.

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