Why Cycles announced some updates to their popular R+ drop bar all-roader today, including more mounts, a few frame adjustments, and updated frame graphics. Here are some photos and the details on the R+ v3…

Posted by Miles Arbour

In 2016, Why Cycles released a titanium drop-bar adventure bike that aimed to extend the limits of what a drop bar bike can do. Today, the Colorado-based company announced the third iteration of the R+, claiming that the updated version is “everything you could ever want for a long ride.” If you haven’t seen it already, Anthony Pease reviewed the original R+ back in 2017, and you can check it out here.

Here are some photos of the R+ v3, as well as some details on what has changed…

Words and photos provided by Why Cycles

Why Cycles Updates R Plus V3

  • Why Cycles Updates R Plus V3
  • Why Cycles Updates R Plus V3

Borrowing some style from our mountain bikes, we ovalized the seat tube just above the BB to allow for increased pedaling stiffness, while allowing a bit more rearward compliance of the seat tube to smooth out those bumpy roads. We also updated to a direct 160mm flat mount rear brake. This is slightly lighter weight while maintaining the R+’s clean aesthetics and brake hose routing. No need for an adapter!

  • Why Cycles Updates R Plus v3
  • Why Cycles Updates R Plus v3

Why Cycles updates R Plus v3

We added more bottle and accessory mounts to the underside of the top tube. The rear mounts are a traditional bottle cage spacing and the front is a single boss that use standard M5 bolts. Carry more gear and more bananas! While we were at it, we also updated the frame graphics.

In case you missed it, Logan spent some time at the Why Cycles headquarters in Carbondale, Colorado, in October and put together a Q&A with “marketing guy” Chris Reichel. Check that out here for more info on the company, where they’re headed, and a bunch of photos of titanium bikes!

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